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Male grooming is no longer a niche thing, it’s a necessity. Modern men all over the world want to look fantastic at any age; after all why should women get all the help? There are countless skin and body treatments available specifically for men and salons are no longer female-only zones.
At Oxford One Spa & Clinic we cater for men too and often find ladies are encouraging their guys to visit us. Soap and water no longer cut it…   ​



Today hair removal or ‘manscaping’ as it is often known, is considered not just practical but also polite. If your partner is keeping their body neat and tidy, perhaps you should too.

Waxing is the quickest and easiest hair removal method for most men as it ensures a smoother, cleaner finish with less irritation than shaving. Plus it also lasts much longer as it pulls the hair from the root.

While it’s the perfect choice for holidays, many modern men wax throughout the year to keep their bodies effortlessly smooth. And before you ask, it doesn’t have to be painful if done by an experienced waxing professional.

Waxing is ideal for body hair on the chest and back, and perfect for smaller areas such as that monobrow.

male wax.jpg


The Ultimate Defluff £25

(Eyebrow Shape, Nostril Wax, Ear Wax)

Eyebrows £15

Nostrils £10

Ears £10

Ears & Nostrils   £15

Back of Neck (hairline)   £10

Full Back & shoulders     £32

Upper Back & Shoulders   £20

Chest or Stomach     £20

Chest Waxing & Stomach     £32

Upper Arms       £15

Upper or Lower Back Wax   £20

Full Back & Chest Waxing*           £50

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At Oxford One Spa & Clinic we offer specialist facials especially designed to address men’s skin concerns.

Our facials for Men are many and varied from Dermalogica Pro 60 to result driven procedures such as Venus Radio Frequency & Caci non-surgical facelifts among others.

Men have completely different skin to women; it’s thicker, hairier and produces more oil so naturally requires a different skincare regime. A specialist facial can be tailored to your individual needs ensuring all of your skin concerns are met, whether you suffer from breakouts, oiliness, dryness or aging skin.

Book in for a free no obligation in-depth consultation where our experienced skin therapist will evaluate the condition of your skin to ensure you receive the optimal advice for your skincare needs based on her expert skin care and product knowledge


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Massages are wonderfully relaxing and ideal for de-stressing the body and mind. There is a greater emphasis on well-being in these modern manic times. We find clients want to take care of their bodies but also their minds, so regularly book in for a rejuvenating massage. At Oxford One Spa & Clinic we love to see clients feeling physically and mentally invigorated after a treatment”.

Massages provide a wide range of benefits including improved circulation and release of deep muscle tension. These luxury treatments are perfect for pampering but are also super effective for those needing a regular pick-me-up.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30mins)     £38
Back, Neck, Shoulders & Arms (45mins)       £45
Full Body Massage (60mins)    60    £55



 For immaculate hands that make a good impression, this classic male manicure delivers complete hand, nail and cuticle maintenance. Hands are smoothed with an exfoliation, hands and lower arms are re-energised with a tension-relieving massage,  nails filed and cuticles are tidied  up the  nails are buffed to remove ridges and imperfections. Your hands and nails look smart, clean and professional.    

45 mins £23

All the benefits of our Men’s Maintenance Manicure plus our signature deep-conditioning treatment for guys using an intensive replenishing moisturiser and heated gloves. The warmth helps to improve circulation and aid the absorption of the moisturiser. The results are outstanding and long-lasting.

60 mins £28

men mani.jpg



 A must-have treatment for neat and healthy male feet. Toe-nails are tidied, cuticles are treated and hard skin removed with sea salt and oil exfoliation and the use of a standard foot file. Your nails are buffed to remove ridges, aching feet are massaged and moisturiser is applied to smooth and condition.   

30 mins £33


Put a spring back in your step. With our signature male foot treatment, you will enjoy all the benefits of our Maintenance Pedicure, with the addition of a deep conditioning treatment. Tired feet are massaged with an intensive moisturiser and then popped in heated boots. The gentle relaxing warmth of the boots encourages the deep penetration of the moisturiser into your feet and helps to improve circulation. Post treatment, feet feel nourished and incredibly smooth.    

45 mins £38

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