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Semi Permanent

IImagine looking in the mirror every day and seeing perfect brows, striking eyes and beautiful lips! Semi-permanent make up is the hassle free solution to looking good 24 hrs a day

Natalie is one of the most sought after  semi-permanent make-up artists in Cheshire. known as the Brow Queen, She has been extensively trained by one of the most well-known and prestigious training companies - Finishing Touches.

With over 20 years’ experience within the beauty industry, her reputation is due to consistent referrals from her previous clients and her  work speaks for itself. There are a select few professions where technical expertise, artistry and application of theory rank as equally important; few people in the micropigmentation industry have the ‘gift’ of making the application of semi-permanent cosmetics an art.

Patience, an eye for detail, a steady hand and the driving desire to perform every procedure as if her name was attached, are all qualities of this professional artist. Natalie is able to quickly understand the reservations or fears you may have about semi-permanent make up and will advise you what will work best to emphasise your features and personality. “It’s imperative that I listen to requirements and also any concerns my clients may have.


My clients always return to me because they trust me.


Complimentary Consultation

During your consultation we will discuss skin tone and the colours available to you in your skin group. We will discuss shapes together. I will spend time with you talking about the type of look you wish to achieve.

A sensitivity patch test will be done. This is to ensure you are not allergic to any of the products and to ensure your skin is ready for the treatment.

The consultation is your time to know more about semi-permanent make-up, its different techniques and approaches, to see before and after photos, and to discuss the different options for your individual needs.


Achieve a natural looking three-dimensional hair stroke effect with semi permanent pigment implanted in the shape of tiny hair strokes to mimic your natural hair growth. Many practitioners offer this treatment but few have mastered it as Natalie has. Following the direction of your hair growth allows the simulated hairs to sit in harmony with your existing brow. These hairs can be tightly compact for a neater brow or spread slightly further apart for a sparse, less defined effect. This can also be used for people with reduced or patchy hair growth on the eyebrow, including sufferers of alopecia and chemotherapy patients.


semi permanent lips.jpg

Semi Permanent

Lips by Natalie


Everyone from the young to the elderly, who desire a soft, natural enhancement to their appearance,
can enjoy the freedom and benefits of looking great all the time with semi-permanent make up!
Prices include initial treatment + top up 4-6 weeks later, and homecare


Eyeliner Top or Bottom- £275
Eyeliner Top & Bottom – £395
Lash Enhancement (Top Only )

Eyebrows Ombre – £300
Eyebrows 3d hair stroke – £300

Lip Ombre – £300
Full Lip – £395
Lip Liner – £250

semi brows.jpg

Semi Permanent Brows

by Natalie

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