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The Venus is a unique, painless treatment that targets fat, cellulite, wrinkles and loose skin. Reduce, smooth and tighten your face and body and begin to be the younger you.

Ask about our “Beautiful You” packages and memberships and start your journey today!

This unique technology comfortably, safely and effectively reduces cellulite, lose weight, treats wrinkles, smoothes the silhouette circumferentially and tightens skin. Used on both the face and body for smoothing wrinkles, tightening loose skin, reducing cellulite and treating fat circumferentially. Venus treatments take under 30 minutes for small areas such as the face and a little over 30 minutes for areas on the body and results can be seen immediately! it’s painless and it can be done in as little time as your lunch. Patients worldwide love Venus treatments such as Venus Freeze because they are effective, painless and safe. Once you experience Venus treatments — and see the results — you’ll love them, too.



When you book a couse of 6 Venus Facials or 8 Venus Body treatments


Venus Radiofrequency  

price list

A course of 6/8 treatments, one per week is recommended for optimal results.

Face                    45min    Single £130       

Course of 6 £780

Necklift            20min     Single £50        

Course of 6 £300

Face & Neck  45min     Single £150         

Course of 6 £900 

Bright Eyes     15min     Single £50        

Course of 6 £300


Body 1 area    45 min    Single £130       

Course of 8 £960

Body 2 areas    75min           

Course of 8 £1440

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