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Cirépil is brought to you by Perron Rigot, the Leading Expert in Waxing for More Than 70 Years
Perron Rigot has always set itself apart in the world of waxing.


Founded in 1936, this French manufacturer has patented more than 20 depilatory waxes, and is a pioneer in creating new segments – including the first low-temperature wax, the first no-strip wax, and the first in hypoallergenic waxes.

Perron Rigot’s success is due in large part to understanding the needs of women and estheticians, listening to their suggestions, and using that input to develop the best products and the best waxing techniques.

As a result, waxing treatments performed with Cirépil products are hygienic, effective, and essentially pain-free for the client. Estheticians who use Cirépil wax are able to work faster and more efficiently, and they attract clients who are looking for a better waxing experience.

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Brow Wax & Shape £15.00

Nostrils £10.00

Cheeks £10.00

Upper Lip £12.00

Chin £12.00


Breast & Nipples £15.00

Under Arms £15.00

Lower Arms £20


Toes & Feet £8.00

Half Leg – lower Inc knees & feet £23

Half Leg – upper £21.00

Full Legs Inc feet£25

Bikini (pant line) £18

Thong -  High sides & top £23

Brazilian - Crease of posterior, landing strip  (inner & outer labia remain) £35

Playboy - Crease of posterior, inner & outer labia removed, landing strip £40

Hollywood - Crease of posterior, inner & outer labia – all pubic hair £44


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